Carrie’s yoga classes are like an extended hug.
— J. Petersen

 “If I had to describe Carrie in one word, it would be light. Regardless of what practice she is guiding you in, performing on you or educating you about, she sees the good in you and exudes appreciation and love for who you really are. It is impossible not to be completely open and honest with her, as her limitless acceptance of your true self is comforting and reassuring. She is always completely open and honest, especially when there's a truth you need to hear, but she always speaks the truth in love. Her yoga style is gentle and calming yet subtly pushes you outside of your comfort zone (oftentimes without you even realizing it) in order to stretch and grow your physical and spiritual capacity. Her knowledge of essential oils and her evident desire to help and heal has been a blessing to so many she has been able to guide in finding physical and emotional relief and self-healing. And when she incorporates essential oils in her yoga practice, it is such a unique and uplifting experience. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I am so thankful I found her!” – Ashley S.

“Every experience I have had with Carrie has been remarkable.  From the moment I arrive, she takes the utmost care.  I am always comfortable and feel tended.  Her reiki healings are powerful and restful at the same time- I tend to drift off!  When we are complete, I feel refreshed and filled with sustainable energy.  Not only is Carrie a skilled practitioner, she is professional, friendly and kind.  I highly recommend her!” - Courtney W.

“Interactions with Earth angels are gifts you give yourself. I met Carrie through yoga and instantly appreciated her loving way of guiding you through poses. I experienced Reiki for the first time during savasana after a good hour of yoga with her. Her presence and energy work intensified a connection with a Higher Power that I am forever trying to deepen. Experiencing Carrie and what she has to offer has been a beautiful addition to my spiritual toolkit. She's like a soul mechanic that I trust. I just show up and surrender my mind, body, and spirit over to her for some work, whether that's through reiki, yoga, or an essential oil change (pun--totally--intended). “ –Carey M.


“Carrie is one of my most favorite yoga teachers ever!  Her classes are a true mind, body, spirit experience.  Whether it is a Vinyasa flow, slow flow or restorative class, I always leave with a feeling of relaxation and connection to my inner-self which is so important to me.  At the beginning of class, often times, my mind is so busy with work, family life or my commute that I have a hard time connecting with my inner-self and with my breath.  Carrie has this unique way of making it so easy for me to let go of the outside world and to just be in the present moment in my yoga practice.  Perhaps it is her gentle, encouraging and soothing voice that guides you to letting go.  Throughout her classes, Carrie offers ques to connect your breath to the movements as well as ques for adjustments and alignment to ensure you are in the proper position in each pose.  The music she selects in her playlists is spot on and also helps me to connect to my inner-self and to the flow and poses.  During savasana, Carrie often offers essential oils to deepen the relaxation experience.  One of my favorite parts of Carrie’s class is at the end when she tells you to let your head settle into your heart, your internal teacher and she gives an inspirational message.  Without knowing what has been going on in my life or that day or how I’m feeling, Carrie’s messages really resonate with me.  Every time I take one of Carrie’s classes, it is always just what I need.  Carrie is awesome and if you ever have a chance to take a class with her you’ll be hooked! “ – Jenica G.