Hi friends! My name is Carrie and I am a yoga teacher, Reiki Master, and supporter of all things for self-care.

I offer an open-minded, fun, and relaxed environment for anyone to practice yoga. As a yoga instructor I inspire my students to become more aware of their mind and body while guiding them how to take that awareness off the mat to living their life to the fullest.

I teach and practice at many studios all around Frederick, MD and I also provide individual or group private sessions that are tailored specific to my clients’ needs. Follow this link to read more about my yoga classes!

I often incorporate Reiki energy into my yoga offerings to deepen the connection to the relaxation response as well take appointments for individual Reiki sessions. Here is where you can read more about my Reiki offerings.

I started using essential oils and more natural methods to support my health around the time I started learning about yoga. I love creating my own blends and using them to enhance my experiences in life and in my yoga sessions. If you would like to learn more about essential oils, check out this link.

Yoga, Reiki, and nature have a powerful healing impact on the mind, body and soul. I have experienced this in my own life and hope to help my clients have their own experience. I am committed to being a student in life – always learning and growing. I hope that you will join me on this journey of learning about life and yourself!

My goal is to help others become empowered to be themselves in a world with so much pressure from society to be a certain way. I believe when people are having fun in their life and taking actions connected to their heart and motivated by love – there is more truth in the world.

Courage, love, yoga, and a supportive community helped me climb back out of a dark hole. The temporarily dimmed light started to shine again- empowering me with a strong desire to help others find peace in this crazy world. Practicing and teaching yoga also led me down the path of utilizing other tools such as Reiki and Essential Oils to support my health and lifestyle. To learn more about my wellness journey check out my blog to read more of my story.

Explore my offerings as well as my weekly schedule, special events, and workshops here.