Yoga Classes


Restorative Yoga

Carrie’s Restorative Yoga offerings give clients space and permission to rest in an environment supported by props such as blankets, blocks, and bolsters. In these classes, most students will observe tension releasing throughout the body, the relaxation response will activate, and the there is an opportunity to gain information about your habits and processes within.


Active Yoga

Carrie’s active classes provide an opportunity to build strength and stretch through a slower-paced mindful experience sprinkling in elements of Hatha and Vinyasa training.


Gentle Yoga

Carrie’s gentle yoga classes provide an opportunity to stretch, move, and rest while connecting with yourself through observing sensations and gaining information from your body. The practice includes mostly movement staying low to the ground with the occasional standing postures mixed in.


Private Yoga Sessions

Carrie has a home studio in Middletown, MD where private sessions are held. Carrie will consider coming to your space for additional cost based on distance and other factors. Click below to contact Carrie about booking a session or click here to get more information about private sessions.